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Virtual In-House

Many businesses that trade online want the benefits of an in-house team such as predictable resource, a team that knows their systems inside out, visibility and transparency of delivery and a team dedicated to them.

However, they don’t want the management overheads, juggling recruitment, holiday and sick leave coverage and the sheer cost of a team of experts. This is where Magium comes in.


If you have a project that needs delivering and you need help Magium will help.

We are used to working with in-house teams, working alongside other agencies, delivering discreet projects such as integrations and custom extensions as well as offering expertise in technical architecture and consulting.


Once your Magento ecommerce platform is up and running you rarely want to sit back. Many customers continue to invest through improvements, testing, and new and broadened functionality.

Magium provides retainer based commissions from a few days a month to a few weeks. Our team will be on hand to deliver your schedule of Magento delivery and be part of your online business.

More Than Developers

Magium offers more than just developers.

We have gifted individuals across a range of disciplines including QA testers, project managers, technical architects, consultants, digital marketers, UX specialists and designers. In effect all you need for the successful delivery of end to end ecommerce projects.

Magium is a leading Magento Agency with a track record in B2B and B2C integrated eCommerce solutions


We are a dedicated Magento Development Agency committed to the following company principles:



B2B and B2C Experts


Integration Experts


Technical excellence


True omnichannel experience


Help ensure you get ROI on your Magento investment


High performing solutions


Post launch support

Case studies

Trusted by top brands...

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