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We have a team of specialists that can help you grow your business.

Whether you are looking for a agency for a one off website project or need full marketing support we have a vast range of services and expertise to help you.

B2B & B2C Solutions

Magium delivers powerful ecommerce solutions for site selling to consumers (B2C) and to other businesses (B2B). They can differ in approach but we are experts in both.


Magento Commerce

Commerce is Magento’s paid for enterprise solution for businesses serious about selling online. We will deliver a Magento Commerce to give you real competitive advantage.



Magium is an integration specialist. We have a track record of integrating every sort of back office system into ecommerce sites joining up your internal systems with your Magento platform.

Magento 2 Open Source

Magento Open Source is a free platform led by a worldwide community of experts. Magium will help you deliver a first class ecommerce site to grow your business online.

Magento 1 to Magento 2

Magento support for V1 runs out in June. We can help you move to the latest version of Magento and benefit from the new, powerful functionality of a fully supported platform.


Recovery Projects

You need to be a real expert in Magento to build a successful site. Not surprisingly projects can fail the team you pick is not up to the job. That’s where Magium will help rescue your project.

Retainer & Contract Work

Need a Magento developer for a project? Need an ongoing programme of development. We can help. Our flexible pricing models mean we can slot into any project and any team.

UI / UX & Design

An intuitive user interface (UI), with a simple, effective user experience (UX) are imperative for a successful Magento store. Our team will design your site to ensure you have all these components nailed.


Our consultancy services team help plan your build meticulously. We query the brief, offer experienced advice and put together the best approach to ensure your site hits the ground running.

Performance Optimisation

To make sure your site is performing at its best, loading quickly and is eminently navigable across mobile, tablet and desktop our team can give real insights for improvement and fix any bottlenecks swiftly. 

Digital Marketing

Magium’s digital brand, Agency51, offers effective digital marketing strategies to grow your revenues. SEO, paid advertising, content, and conversion rate optimisation services will make your ecommerce site skyrocket. 

Support & Hosting

A successful Magento ecommerce site needs a robust hosting architecture with network uptime guarantees and the horse power to make sure your site performs at its best. Our Infrastructure team delivers this in spades.

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