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Through five generations of family-owned historical success, Bauer Media has now become one of the biggest privately-owned media organisations in the world. Bauer Media UK is now the No. 1 UK Publisher, as well as the No. 1 Digital Commercial Audio broadcaster. Their multi-platform network of brands reaches 25 million individuals, providing world-class content to each and every consumer across a multitude of channels.

Bauer’s UK magazine division, Bauer Publishing UK, is the UK’s biggest-selling magazine publisher. Their original publications from the beginning still hold a firm spot in their diverse portfolio, with recent publications such as Closer, Grazia, Empire, Heat, Modern Mojo, Gardens and more providing a wealth of choice for their passionate audiences.

Bauer Publishing UK’s magazines are subscribed to directly through their 2003-launched website – The site boasts over 80 of Bauer Media UK’s magazines, and offers both subscriptions and single-issue sales in both print and digital formats. The site isn’t just limited to their vast UK customer base either – Greatmagazines is optimised for international visitors too, providing pricing for their publications in five different currencies. They’re also one of the first UK subscription services to provide recurring PayPal payment options for subscriptions in order to provide consumers with complete peace of mind.

Bauer needed an Adobe Commerce (Magento) partner for ongoing support and application development for Bauer’s Adobe Commerce Cloud platform. The partner needed to be skilled in ecommerce subscription generally and in Adobe Cloud Commerce specifically with a skilled team able to provide a range of development skills, support, integration, design and user experience (UX) expertise.


Client: Bauer Media


Our Solution

An official Adobe partner Magium Commerce was selected for knowledge of the Adobe Commerce platform and its track record in delivering subscription-based ecommerce site. Magium is extremely proud of the fact that it is part of an elite group of development agencies recognised by Adobe. It was this combination of general ecommerce experience, knowledge of Adobe and a specialism in subscription that meant Magium was a natural partner to manage Bauer’s Greatmagazines platform.

Magium is also part of the PureNet Group – an organisation with extensive experience in delivering dedicated ecommerce builds and bespoke solutions to clients. The group’s knowledge and specialisms span a multitude of industries, and boasts a proven track record of working with publishers and subscription services such as Immediate Media, DC Thomson’s Puzzler, Bauer Media and Dennis Publishing. Now with the opportunity for Magium to work closely with Bauer Media it was able to apply our expertise within the industry to further build upon their existing success.


Working with Magium Greatmagazines site continues to innovate and provide great products and services to its customers. Magium manages the entirety of its Adobe platform including the Adobe Commerce website and, working in partnership with Adobe, the Cloud platform itself to ensure the site continues to maximise its potential and delight its users across its subscription portfolio.

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