Build Compelling Pages

Customer experience has rocketed to the top of the list of expectations of today’s consumers, predicted to overtake price in the race for customer satisfaction (Walker). To create a truly seamless user experience online, companies strive to build compelling pages on their websites. Storytelling and strong brand presence is at the forefront of most website experiences of today, in B2C and increasingly in B2B. Magento Commerce features a Page Builder, which allows quick creation and launch of content-rich commerce experience that drives customer engagement and loyalty.

Build Compelling Pages with Magento Page Builder

Magento Page Builder provides merchants with a powerful set of content elements, built-in within the Magento Admin, so that you can create new CMS pages quickly and easily. The live drag & drop interface allows you to easily place content elements on the page and provides contextual access to content elements options. You will work with a flexible and responsive grid system, with responsive breakpoints from your web store theme, to create endless page content layouts. Dynamic blocks allow you to serve targeted content and marketing promotions to various customer segments. This exciting functionality will assist you to build compelling pages that truly speak to your customers.

The Page Builder facilitates the blend of content and commerce, allowing you to insert Magento Products into content pages, creating even more seamless user experiences, capitalising on each touch point to optimise return on investment (ROI). Along with other features of Magento Commerce, including Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Studio and Multi-Source Inventory (MSI), Magento Page Builder will help you achieve your business goals and create one-of-a-kind experience for you as well as your customers.

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