The Adobe acquisition of Magento, a Marketer’s experience

Since the announcement of Adobe’s Acquisition of Magento Commerce, we have been curious as to what this will mean to our clients, the community and our processes. For this reason, we were very excited when Magento announced the Magento Live 2018 will concentrate on the merger and the roadmap for 2019.

We sent three representatives to Barcelona to cover all grounds. Kora Habinakova, Magium’s Marketing Manager, shares her experience of the event.

“I wanted to attend Magento Live 2018 to find out more about the Adobe acquisition and future plans for the company to be able to share these with our current clients and prospects. There are a lot of opportunities that stem from the acquisition and it is important our audiences are aware of them to really maximise their use of the platform to help achieve their business goals.

How can you make the most of the acquisition?

The new product offering will help provide a platform with a living and breathing data environment to complement the technology and feature functionality. This will allow companies to create and optimise their marketing strategies more efficiently. The acquisition has opened up new possibilities for Magento Open Source as well as Commerce editions, with the most exciting features added to the Cloud.

So, what will you be able to get with your new Magento Commerce Cloud, on top of the frequent interaction with the humorous Cloud team, helping you with the launch every step of the way? Here are some features that will enrich the user experience for both the people operating their Magento platform and their website users.

Adobe Target

The Adobe Target integration will allow you to deliver personalised omnichannel experiences to your customers. A unified, progressive profile will let you create experiences for your audience across devices, through every channel. Adobe Target enables you to run A/B and multivariate tests to ensure your campaigns are optimised while utilising AI-powered automation to achieve the best impact.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics brings web data together, from across channels, so that you can create well-rounded data-informed strategies. What’s more, Adobe have created powerful attribution to evaluate your channels according to their weight in conversion delivery. Machine learning is also plugged into Analytics and lets you spot hidden opportunities with the click of a button.

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe realise that content is a team effort and with the Adobe Experience Manager you can combine marketing and IT efforts to design and deliver personalised digital experiences to millions of customers via multiple channels. Again, this feature is AI-powered to help you make data-informed decisions faster.

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Magento 2.3

The release of Magento 2.3 was also announced during the conference. Packed with new features, Magento 2.3 is bound to be a success among developers and marketers, alike.

For me, the highlight of the latest version is the progressive web apps (PWA) studio, which means PWAs can be created directly within the Magento platform to deliver a smooth experience to your customers across mobile, tablet and desktop devices. An Instant Purchase functionality has been developed to help your customers make a purchase on-the-go. Additional features have been included to allow faster load time, which will help your customers navigate your website seamlessly. From a user-perspective, the business-friendly page builder will allow you to use a simple drag and drop interface to create new pages. For merchants with multiple warehouses and fulfilment centres, the Multi Source Inventory will help keep stock levels up-to-date and prioritise fulfilment of goods across the supply chain. For security reasons, Magento are adding Google reCAPTCHA and two factor authentication to the mix of functionalities.

Delivering Exceptional Ecommerce Experiences

To sum up, this year’s Magento Live was all about delivering exceptional ecommerce experiences and how businesses will be able to do this with the extra support from Adobe as well as the ongoing development provided by the Magento Community and their partners. Personally, I am very excited to see the latest features come to fruition as our clients’ projects advance.”

Watch the inspirational Keynote from Magento Live 2018 >

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