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Magium was approached as a Magento specialist with an extensive track record in B2B delivery. In addition, its experience in integration was paramount as the ultimate solution would require a full link with TOMY’s SAP back office system.

Magium suggested a three phase solution with the catalogue functionality being a priority, followed by a Discovery Phase to plan the larger platform vision, with the build being the third phase of delivery.



Our Solution

Magium used Magento Open Source as the catalogue solution hub. Magium used a third party extension (MageDelight’s PDF Catalog Print Advance for Magento 2) as a base for the production element of the build.  Magium then provided customisation of the extension to tailor it to TOMY’s precise requirements. This included preventing 300 DPI images being converted into 96 DPI and providing additional images including barcodes for scanning.

Magium was also able to build in functionality to cater for multilingual requirements (TOMY Europe operates across a number of linguistic areas such as France, Germany, Spain, Poland, etc.). Through a product importer product data could be entered into Magento and then outputted as a variety of differently configured print-ready catalogues. Additional artwork (e.g. front and rear covers) could then be added by TOMY’s in house team and then sent to different geographies and clients’ offering them heavily bespoke catalogues all administered through the Magento interface.


TOMY has now saved significant costs in producing its annual catalogues. The ability to produce quick, extremely rich catalogues ready for print or to send electronically is of huge value to the business.

Furthermore, TOMY now have an ecommerce platform to build on to incorporate their detailed B2B requirements with in depth integration into the SAP ERP system to help drive customer sales to their stockists in the UK and across Europe, the development for which is commencing shortly following a successful Discovery Phase. 


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