Custom Plug-in Development


Illamasqua successfully managed day-to-day operations with its internal team. However, for more complex requirements the Illamasqua team needed an expert Magento developer.

Magium’s dedicated software developers were selected by Illamasqua for a number of projects, including custom plugin development and technical fault resolution.

Client: Illamasqua


Ecommerce Branding

Illamasqua needed to reflect their luxury make up brand online, across all additional software plug-ins they chose to use for a seamless user experience.

Our Solution

Magium’s skilled team provided the support needed to expand Illamasqua’s growth. A great example of this was providing a custom integration with third-party plugin provider Emarsys. This involved adapting the plugin, which required superb technical skills and a deep understanding of Magento, to better meet Illamasqua’s requirement. Furthermore, Magium served as go to agency for technical fault resolution and to ensure there is a Magento expert on hand to resolve highly complex issues as when they arise.


With Magium’s back-up, Illamasqua was free to concentrate on ‘business as usual’ delivery. Magium’s more complex solutions, and complex support offered real peace of mind to the Illamasqua team and reduced the need for hiring experienced but highly costly Magento developers in house.


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