The past few years have been an exciting (and extremely busy) time in the digital commerce world. Businesses and consumers have adapted and evolved dramatically Digital experiences have not only become more prominent, but they have become essential and the demand for superior technology has been at its highest peak yet.

Adobe have taken great strides to meet the demand and bring that technology to countless businesses across the globe. They are continuing their mission to “connect and empower more merchants than ever” through their range of best-in-class commerce solutions, particularly since their acquisition of Magento three years ago.

Since their acquisition of Magento, Adobe has invested a substantial amount of time into progressing the platforms capabilities in order to serve more businesses in every industry. This has included the integration of their sales, marketing and product teams within the Adobe Experience Cloud business unit as well as aligning their partner and developer experience efforts. Following on from this, Adobe’s next intention was to unite both the Magento and Adobe brands under a single solution for complete integration.

The time has now come for that unification. Adobe have consolidated the branding of both Magento Commerce’s licensed commerce product and Adobe Commerce Cloud into a single brand – Adobe Commerce. Adobe have stated that Magento Open Source branding and support will remain unchanged, and they are continuing to support the Magento Association in order to continue their goal of overcoming the challenges of commerce whilst promoting a community to learn, share and collaborate.

Adobe have also stated that their market focus and product priorities for Adobe Commerce are aligned to helping customers across the entirety of their commerce journey. They want to continue their progress towards delivering advanced multi-channel commerce with deep integration of their wider solutions to accommodate the needs of their customers across all industries.

All in all, Adobe’s move to consolidate their branding under a single commerce umbrella is a sign of continued progress and a hint towards further development and exciting features that are sure to further empower an already outstanding array of solutions. Adobe are planning to share more of their commerce innovations at the Adobe Summit between April the 27th and April 29th.

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